Two Part Epoxy

Two Part Epoxy
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Epoxy flooring is a major trend in today’s flooring industry. This adhesive synthetic which is made using a thermosetting polymer is highly durable and water resistant in nature. With epoxy, Its possible to get different textures and colors without sacrificing cost effectiveness.

A perfectly applied epoxy coating will give your floor a glamorous finish; whether it is an office, restaurant, bar, hotel, warehouse, kennel or saloon. If you are worrying about imperfections in the concrete, epoxy flooring is your best solution since once applied, epoxy coating hides those imperfections.

An epoxy coated floor is highly resistive to wear and damage due to foot traffic and machinery. As a result it will minimize your repair costs significantly.

  • Unlimited designs, patterns and colors
  • Will not stain
  • VOC free options
  • For new or existing floors
  • Affordable and cost effective compared to other flooring options